Tired of the normal holiday hotels with their sameness and the menu that changes every three days? Plastic furnishings and a bedroom which is identical in Acapulco or Amsterdam.

There is a solution. Why not try some of the more unusual types of accommodation around the world. If you want something a little special for your holidays, have a look at some of the following suggestions. Whether you need accommodation for a romantic getaway, family holiday, wedding or honeymoon you are sure to find some thing just a bit different to make your vacation that much more interesting.

Moroccan Riad. A traditional Moroccan house or palace built around an interior garden. The design of these dwellings in the coastal regions of Morocco is an adaptation and modification of a Roman Villa. A new vogue of restoration has seen a surge of interest in such towns as Marrakesh and Essaouira. Many Riads are now used as apartments, hotels and restaurants. Relax in total tranquillity, experiencing an amazing culture, in beautiful and exotic surroundings.

In sunny rural Spain, stay in a Finca or Cortijos farmhouse. A Finca is similar to an English smallholding, usually on less than 10000 square metres of land. The Cortijos is a large farm on many hectares with several buildings and stables.These are a great option for an holiday experience with space for hiking, biking and riding. Perfect for a family holiday in the sun.

Trullo is a traditional Italian stone dwelling with a conical roof. These houses are found in the Itria Valley in the southern region of Apulia. Built without cement or water, the walls are very thick providing a cool environment in hot weather and insulation in the winter. The Trulli are very popular with tourists and found in picturesque, rural locations. So for a truly special holiday try the Trulli.

How about Bed and Breakfast in a Lighthouse? For over a century mariners have relied on these lights to guide them near rocky and remote coastlines. Many around the world are no longer active and have been tastefully converted into holiday accommodation. We mention just a couple. Big Bay Point Lighthouse overlooking Lake Superior in Michigan and the Saugerties Lighthouse on the Hudson River, built in 1869 at the mouth of the Esopus Creek. Quirky but very comfortable!

Converted Water Mills and Olive Mills provide great accommodation in both France and Spain. Normally authentic and spacious, these mills offer a comfortable stay in some of the most beautiful settings.

In Egypt, The Dakhla Oasis Lodge is situated in the desert outside of Cairo. The Oasis sits in a depression surrounded by pink cliffs and has been inhabited since prehistoric times The 32 rooms are furnished in the local style and all are air conditioned. Visits to the nearby archaeological sites and camel safaris into the Sahara make for a unique and fascinating holiday. Rather a romantic holiday for two.

Last but not least is the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.  We have written about this before but it provides a truly unique experience. A Hotel made totally from ice. Each room is very individual in style but all are made from the frozen water of the local river. And we do mean everything right down to the bed.

Whatever your choice – why not try an unusual holiday accommodation this year.

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