If you are looking for a Mediterranean holiday that will suit everyone in the family, try the island of Cyprus and the ancient city of Paphos. Paphos is located on the southwest coast of Cyprus and is so historically important that the entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Paphos is over 3000 years old and the town is built on the site where it is said the Greek goddess Aphrodite was born. There are many sites of  historical  and archaeological interest nearby. The main tourist sites are the Paphos Archaeological Park, the Temple of Aphrodite, the Odeon Theatre, the Medieval Castle, the Paphos Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

Paphos is very popular with tourists, apart from the many historical sites, it has a lovely year round climate, great hotels, restaurants and bars, it is considered to be quite safe as it has low crime and almost no violent crime, a beautiful harbour, a seaside promenade, an interesting shopping lane near the beach and in the town itself narrow lanes where you can stroll and browse through its boutiques and craft shops.

Paphos is a delight for water sport enthusiasts, with scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, fishing, sailing, swimming and a nearby water park.

On land apart from sight seeing and shopping there is horseback riding,cycling and hiking. It has great beaches but it is only a short drive up into the mountains for a complete change of scenery and activities.

Paphos is a beautiful city and the surrounding area is full of interesting and exciting places to visit.  Great for the photographers and artists amongst you.

Getting there is easy. Paphos has an International Airport and there is another Airport at Larnaca. Once on the island hire cars are available and the roads are good but if you would rather not drive there are plenty of taxis and the local bus service is excellent.

Whether you want to enjoy the lively seafront and beaches of Paphos or a quieter, relaxed holiday visiting its historic sites or a combination of the two you are sure to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Cyprus and the Ancient City of Paphos.

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