The months of September and October see the arrival of many interesting and fun festivals worldwide. In this first article on the subject Travel Advice Pages offers one possibility for your consideration.


The Marches is the border region between England and Wales and here on the 12th to 13th of September, 2008 the small town of Ludlow, in the county of Shropshire, hosts a Feast of a Festival.

Ludlow Castle, dating from around 1138 is a fine medieval castle set in glorious Shropshire countryside at the heart of the bustling market town of Ludlow. The castle forms a perfect backdrop and site for the annual festival and is one of a line of Norman forts built along the Marches to hold back the unconquered Welsh. Extended over the years it became a fortified Royal Palace until it fell into decay in 1689.

The small town has acquired a reputation for being the centre for some of the best food and drink in Britain. The area has an amazing number of small, independent food and drink producers. It contains an impressive number of specialist food shops – butchers, bakers, cheese shops, delis, organic food shops, all of wihich are sourced from local products. Michelin and other food guides also confirm that Ludlow has more top quality restaurants than anywhere else in Britain, except for London.

The Festival is based in and around the Castle. Within the walls a tented area hosts more than 130 independent food and drink producers. One can taste wonderful food that you did not know existed. After sampling you can vote for your favourite bread, pickles, cheese or ale and engage in some serious pudding tasting. You can picnic on the Castle Green or buy food from a range of food stalls.

There are two unique Festival  highlights outside the castle. Watch or take part in the Annual Waiter’s Race or join the exciting Ludlow Sausage Trail. For a small fee you can tour the six, small, independent butchers in the town whose own-made sausages are the subject of fierce local competition. After the visits you can vote for the winner. A similar event takes in the baker’s shops in the town

Whether you are a serious foodie or just appreciate good food and drink, there is more than enough for you and your family in the wonderful festival atmosphere in Ludlow.

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