It is not long to go until the spookiest night of the year, Halloween. Most of you will be dressing up and trick or treating or handing out the goodies at the front door. Many of you will be dressed in costumes and more than a few are probably heading out to a Halloween party.

Travel Advice has a few suggestions to really liven up this Halloween Night:

If you are in the UK  why not try Jack The Ripper’s Sinister London Walking Tour? You will be following in the footsteps of one of the most infamous murderers in Britain. Down dark, narrow alleyways, looking at the scenes of his brutal murders. Perfect for a creepy Halloween Experience.

Or what about the most haunted place in Britain. Try the Edinburgh Underground Night Walking Tour. Descend beneath Edinburgh to the underground vaults. Here you will find out all about the Edinburgh Ghost Project.

It is one thing to read about ghosts and ghouls in the comfort of your arm chair but how would you feel actually looking for ghostly apparitions, or poltergeist activity?  How would it feel on Halloween Night to be in a place where there is a tradition of spirit sightings and unexplained events.

For those of you in the USA why not consider a Halloween Break in Salem, Massachusetts.  Here you can visit the location of the famous Witch Trials and join the locals in the “Festival of The Dead“. Take part in the “Dumb Supper” a banquet which is held in silence in honour of the dead, or join any number of spooky events in the area.

Why not get a group together and go to Hell. You can chose from Hell in Michigan, California, Norway, Holland or the Cayman Islands.  You can all go to Hell together for the perfect Halloween destination.

Another spooky destination if you would like a Halloween Vacation is the Bermuda Triangle. This would be another fantastic spot for a group holiday of spooky goings on.

A quick look on the internet will soon have your head full of spooky Halloween Holiday ideas. Haunted Castles, Lighthouses, Walking Tours, Vampire Walking Tours, Haunted History Tours, Murder and Mystery Walking Tours, Halloween Balls and a whole host of haunted Hotel and Bed and Breakfasts.  One of the spookiest being the Lizzie Borden  B & B.

Wherever you live and what ever you decide to do on Halloween Night have a fantastically creepy time.

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