“AIR travellers in Europe will now be able to view the same list of items banned from carry-on luggage as airline staff after the European Union amended laws.

Previously, this list had been available only to staff for security reasons. The public were only able to see an amended list which created confusion. Some travellers were barred from getting on flights because they had items on the secret list.

The new air travel security rules, which took effect this week, require governments to maintain a single, public list of banned carry-on items.

The issue was highlighted in the case of German traveller Gottfried Heinrich who was ordered to leave a plane in Vienna as he was carrying tennis racquets, “allegedly prohibited items,” according to the advocate general.

Heinrich took the case to court in Austria which has referred it to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. EU Advocate-General Eleanor Sharpston had urged the European Court of Justice to annul the EU law on the carry-on items lists, saying it was illegal to maintain a list that travelers could not consult. ”

This is excellent news for all those travelling in or to Europe as there has been a great deal of confusion about what can and cannot be carried on board.  You can be told one thing by travel agents or airport enquiries and arrive at the airport only to have items confiscated or left behind.

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