Directives from the Eu have often been received with scepticsm, criticism and downright hilarity. The shape of certain vegetables comes to mind. However, Travel Advice Pages welcomes  a new statement from the European Commission regarding the free services which must be provided for disabled and elderly passengers.

As from the 26th July, all EU airports must provide wheelchairs and even guide dogs for persons with reduced mobility, from when they enter the airport to the boarding gate at both departure and arrival destinantions. Such passengers should be able to use the airport in the same way as other passengers. They should enjoy priority boarding under the best conditions and with the necessary equipment.

On flights from EU airports and from airports in a third country to an EU destinantion, European Air Carriers will be obliged to carry wheelchairs and guide dogs free of charge. These new rules should end discrimination and give disabled and elderly passengers the help needed when travelling. A third of the EU population suffers from reduced mobility. Although these are mainly the disabled and elderly, there are others unable to walk the long distances in modern airports.

Although not compulsory, anyone requiring such assistance should  notify their travel agent about specific requirements 48 hours before departure.

Travel Advice Pages applauds the EU for this initiative.

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